Mouse Islands

Mouse Island is one of the most picturesque and charming places Szczecinek. Connected to the mainland by a dike, even before the Second World War, was a favourite place of rest and entertainment of the residents of our city. Its existence and later period of greatest prosperity Mouse Island certainly owed to Hugo Schumacher. Mr Schumacher, not without some difficulties from the municipal authorities, decided to build at this location restaurant, which over the years has grown into the landscape of Szczecinek, becoming a permanent part of the cultural landscape.

In addition to the cuisine served there, were also organised concerts and dance performances. There were two ships cruising regularly to the Mouse Island. The first one was called "Neustettin" and took on its board 50 people. The second one, much bigger than, constructed in 1928 in Stralsund - "Hindenburg" - took on board as many as 250 passengers. The whole complex restaurant could accommodate 1200 guests, which with only 19 thousand of the Neustettin inhabitants at this time, even today looks impressive.

After years of being forgotten and ongoing devastation, Mouse Island regains its former character and shape. Thanks to the efforts of Szczecinek Mayor, Mr Jerzy Hardie - Douglas, a coherent concept of the development was prepared, which since 2007 has been consistently implemented. Revitalization of the area led to a huge investment, but it was worth it.

Today Mouse Island is a place that in the unanimous opinion of the inhabitants of Szczecinek and tourists coming to us, it has become one of the most beautiful tourist attractions of our city. Again, water trams, motor boats and water taxis are regularly cruising on the Lake Trzesiecko. Recently, one can also reach the Mouse Island by public bus as Public Transportation Company introduced a regular shuttle bus. In the summer, a lot of events are being organised here, so if you want to eat smoked vendance, listen to the traditional jazz, or simply relax, enjoy the beauty of Mouse Island!



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