Szczecinek Water Tram "Bayern"

Szczecinek Water Tram "Bayern"Szczecinek Water Tram "Bayern" takes on its board 54 passengers. Its design was inspired by the ships that over 60 years ago cruised on the Lake Trzesiecko. In 2007, the Polish Tourist Organisation honoured Bayern with prestigious award - "Tourist Product of the Year 2007". The boat trip takes about one hour. At that time you will have the opportunity to see Szczecinek from a slightly different perspective.Forest trekking lovers will be able to get off at the other side of the lake and use the sites prepared for grilling on Mouse Island or go on a long walk through a picturesque pedestrian and bicycle route, that surrounds the Lake Trzesiecko.

TECHNICAL PARAMETERS: BAYERN • constructed 1923/1961, Rambeck Shipyard, Starnberg / Kellerer • length 18,50 m • width 3,50 m • freeboard 0,69 m • draft 0,80 m • side height 1,49 m • buoyancy 26,5 t • main engine Deutz - MWM - Mannheim type D916-8, power 57 kW, 2400 rpm • diesel consumption: 4 litres per hour • maximum number of passengers 54 persons.Szczecinek Water Tram "Bayern"