Periodic events

International Street Run - Winand Osinski Memorial

The largest running event over a distance of 10 km in the region - has been celebrated every year since 1982. Its patron is Polish marathon runner of the “Szczecinek Unia” Club, Winand Osinski, three-time Polish champion in the marathon in the years 1948, 1950, 1951, representing the colours of our country in the marathon at the Olympic Games in Helsinki in 1952. Every year on the last Sunday in April, the leading long distance runners in Poland and a large crowd of players from Kenya arrive at Szczecinek.

International Balloon Festival of Kurt Hummel Memorial

This is undoubtedly one of the biggest events of this type in Poland. Its patron is Kurt Hummel - German pilot, who was born in the nearby village called Sępolno. He was the son of landowners living in the former Groß Karzenburg. Hummel died tragically in 1908 during the competition for the Gordon Bennett Cup. The legend says that just before the crash of his balloon, he wrote on a piece of shirt parting words and put them in a bottle, which after a few years, was fished out of the sea and buried in a remote symbolic grave in his native village. The event has been organized since 2010 and has a growing interest in the pilots across Europe. Initially it involved only the crews from Poland and Germany, but from the second edition Szczecinek is regularly visited by the pilots, parachutists and gliders from the Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, the UK and even from Russia and Bulgaria.

Ballroom Dance National Tournament of Barbara Krzyżanowska-Ksok Memorial

Organised by the Ballroom Dance Club Aida and Self Government Cultural and Promotion Agency. The largest dance event in the region. Its patron is Barbara Krzyżanowska-Ksok, very honoured dance instructor and organizer of cultural activities in Szczecinek. In 2013 took place the fifteenth anniversary edition of the event, which in the unanimous opinion of the participants is regarded as one of the best organised dance events in Poland.

Polish Cup in Triathlon

Regular competitions, which are organised by the Sports and Recreation Centre in Szczecinku since over twenty years. Every year, over a distance of 750 m - swimming, 20 km - cycling and 5 km - run, compete in Szczecinek best Polish players and amateurs. For several years now are also held in our city very prestigious international competition of Olympic Hopes, Polish Championships and Garmin Iron Triathlon.

Szczecinek Name Day Celebration

A series of cultural events organised by the Self Government Cultural and Promotion Agency. Every year, at the end of June in Szczecinek are taking part: concerts of the prestigious performers of Polish music and cabaret scene, exhibitions and meetings with prominent creators of polish culture.