The Mayor of the City supervises and coordinates matters in the field of:

  1. Promotion of the city
  2. Health protection
  3. Social assistance
  4. Supporting the family and foster care system
  5. Pro-family policy
  6. Culture, including city libraries and other cultural dissemination facilities
  7. Protection of monuments and care of monuments
  8. Defense and crisis management
  9. Cooperation with non-governmental organizations
  10. The current operation of the companies: KM Sp. z o. o., MEC Sp. z o. o., PGK Sp. z o. o., cultural units of the Local Government Promotion and Culture Agency and budgetary units: Municipal Social Welfare Center (MOPS), Municipal Guard (SM).


He exercises direct supervision over:

  1. Department of Supervision,
  2. Department of Safety and Crisis Management,
  3. Offices: IT, Municipal Heritage Conservator,
  4. Internal auditor,
  5. The main specialist for promotion and contacts with the media,
  6. The main specialist in architecture,
  7. Inspector - Plenipotentiary for addiction and contacts with non-governmental organizations.