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A city in the south-western Netherlands, over the East Scheldt River, in the North Duchy of Brabant, 50 thousand inhabitants (1991). Chemical, wood, metal, food industry plants (glucose production plant, distilling plant), fishing. The centre of oysters and lobsters' breeding. A junction point. Historical monuments: the Grote Kerk Church (14th century), the remains of the fortifications (13th, 14th century), Town Hall (17th century).


A city in Mecklenburg - Western Pomerania, in the north-eastern province of the Federal Republic of Germany, in the Mecklenburg Lake District, adjacent to the Muritz National Park. The landscape is rich in numerous lakes, especially in the area of Neustrelitz, and extensive forests. Bismarck was to say about Mecklenburg that if the end of the world had occurred, it would have happened there 100 years later. Today we may hope that he was right, because in the times of environmental degradation we can be proud of the ubiquitous beauty of nature. We encourage you to visit our website.

Noyelles sous Lens

Located on the outskirts of the mining town of Lens. The municipality occupies 362 hectares of land. It is inhabited by a large number of Poles who came to the area in the early 20th century. The first historical mention of Noyelles sous Lens dates back to 966. For centuries, the city had been referred to as Niaule, Nigella juxta (1170), Noella juxta Betricourt (1180), Noella (1189), Noyelle (1416), Noyelles (1515), and eventually it took the name of NOYELLES sous LENS.


A city in Sweden, located about 250 km away from Stockholm. 13,000 inhabitants, and in the whole municipality, including the suburban areas - approximately 25,000. The city is located on the east coast. It is surrounded by beautiful nature, including for example the archipelago with many bays and islands, which is a great tourist asset. The city also boasts industrial tradition. A weapons factory used to be located here, and then sawmill industry appeared. In recent years, however, there have been major economic changes, significantly reducing the number of jobs in the industry, which forced local authorities to change the Söderhamn development strategy. Official Söderhamn website: