Visiting Noyelles sous Lens

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A delegation from Szczecinek visited Noyelles sous Lens, our French Twin City. One of the main points during the visit that lasted from Friday to Monday was participation in the annual 10 kilometers run. The meeting was also an opportunity to exchange experiences and thoughts regarding the ways of financing and the scope of investments in both cities. The most important differences in the organization of waste management in Poland and France, including recycling and segregation of waste, were also discussed.

- I am glad that the friendship of our cities is still alive. I always come with great joy to Noyelles sous Lens. There is a large group of Poles who have emigrated to work in the local mines over the years. Contacting them and maintaining relations with the city authorities is very important to us" said Daniel Rak, head of the Polish delegation and Deputy Mayor of Szczecinek during one of the meetings.

And the memory of the miners working in the local mines is a very important element of the local identity. This was apparent when the wreaths were laid by the monument of victims of one of the biggest underground catastrophes in which 1099 people died including many of our compatriots as well as during the tour of the old mine, which today serves as a museum. The delegation from Poland paid homage to the heroes of the First and Second World War by visiting the cemetery of war from that period and the line of fortifications.

- We are now already planning another exchange – in the summer the French Mayor with his delegation will most likely come to Szczecinek, next year we also want to organize the exchange of youth. I hope that the friendship between our cities will be continued by the next generations" concluded Daniel Rak.